Am I Too Angry?

 Am I Too Angry?

Sometimes I know I have anger management issues. It was really bad when I was an angsty teenager, but even as an “adult” I have trouble expressing it in healthy ways every once in awhile. My husband, bless his sweet heart, takes the brunt of it most of the time.

My husband is incredibly forgetful, and yesterday his sister was over, and asked us if we were going to his mom’s surprise birthday party…… today. This was the very first I’d heard of it. Apparently my husband had forgotten to mention it to me.

Normally I would get very frustrated about something like this, but I’ve been trying to consciously turn my negative thoughts and reactions into positive ones. I took a few seconds to just breathe deeply and count to ten, and told myself it’s not worth getting upset over, it’s not something I want to fight about. So I just accepted it as reality and mentally prepared myself for it. I picked out outfits for the kids and I, and packed up the diaper bag and made sure to take a shower last night. We have about 2 hours before we have to leave, and all we have to do is get dressed and make some coffee to take with.

It’s just a matter of approaching things from a different angle, and changing your mindset about things. I’m glad I’ve been practicing this because it’s becoming a very useful skill for me. Of course, I’ll throw my anti-anxiety meds in my purse, just in case. But I’m feeling ready for the day, and not at all angry!