Am I Lame?

Am I Lame?

There was a time in my life when Saturday nights meant partying, dancing, and lots and lots of booze. But for the most part, those parties are few and far between now that I’m an “adult.” Most Saturday nights are spent at home more or less like any other night. Dinner, followed by bathtime for the kids, watch some cartoons and put the kids to bed. My husband and I are lucky if we even have any energy left after getting the kids to fall asleep. 

Tonight is another lame Saturday night. It’s almost 7, I’m already exhausted and the kids aren’t going to bed for another hour and a half. By this time most nights I’m barely able to keep my eyes open. But I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything. We had an awesome day with the kids, playing outside and splashing around in the pool. I’m looking forward to just watching a movie or some tv and cuddling with my husband on the couch. Adult life may not be as exciting as some of the parties I have attended, but it sure as hell is more rewarding. 


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