Am I Doing My Chores?

Am I Doing My Chores?

Tomorrow is my son’s first birthday party. My husband left Thursday night for graduation weekend at his alma mater, an event he hasn’t been able to attend in over 15 years. I was happy to have him go, he’s been stressed out lately and definitely needed a little man time. But it hasn’t been a cake walk since he left. 

I’m busy trying to get the house and yard ready for guests, shopping for food, choosing everyone’s outfits, on top of my normal day to day stuff and two toddlers. Jr just started walking, and now he won’t stop. He’s already climbing on furniture.(must be a boy thing!)  I’ve been managing surprisingly well, and I’m pretty darn proud of myself for it. 

I have one more run to make after Jr wakes up from his nap, and have to finish mopping the kitchen and cleaning the bathroom, and then my chores will basically be finished. The best part of it all is that I’ve been too busy trying to get everything done that I haven’t really had time to be depressed. I’ve been talking to God the past few days and I think he’s been giving me strength. The power of prayer truly is incredible!


2 thoughts on “Am I Doing My Chores?

  1. I remember those days when my firstborn was a wee babe. She’s fifteen now! Hold on to those special moments with your little one. It may be hard right now, but you’ll miss it when they’re almost grown up!

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    • I was just thinking that when we were sitting down together for lunch the other day. Just trying to drink in those little moments as they happen, and sear them into my memory.

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